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Title IX Coordinator

Felicia Hunt
Assistant Vice President for Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion Initiatives; Title IX Coordinator
205 Center for Student Services
414 S. Holliston Ave., Pasadena, CA 91125

Confidential Consultation with Counseling Center Staff 
Mon - Thurs  7 PM - 10 PM

The Title IX Coordinator is the designated official with primary responsibility for coordinating the Institute’s compliance with Title IX.

The Title IX Coordinator:

  • promotes the creation of policies, procedures and notifications designed to ensure compliance with Title IX;
  • oversees Title IX complaints and investigations;
  • answers questions and provides guidance and trainings about Title IX compliance and the Institute's related policies and procedures;
  • works with deputy Title IX coordinators from the campus community to ensure Title IX is integrated into all Caltech policies, procedures and practices;
  • monitors all other aspects of Title IX compliance, and 
  • chairs the Title IX committee.

To discuss a Title IX concern, seek information or support around a Title IX issue, or to file a complaint, please contact: 

The Institute has three Deputy Title IX Coordinators who help coordinate the Institute’s compliance with Title IX.

Faculty reports to:

Melany Hunt
Dotty and Dick Hayman Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Employees and postdocs report to:

Ofelia Velazquez-Perez
Employee and Organizational Development
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

JPL employees report to:

Melissa Arredondo
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Deputy Title IX Coordinator