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Sexual Violence and Harassment Reporting 

Sexual Misconduct (Resources for Faculty, Students and Staff)

Title IX Coordinator

The Institute Title IX Coordinator is Felicia Hunt.  ALL students and employees can access her to discuss a Title IX concern, seek information or support around a Title IX issue, or file Title IX complaints with the Institute. For an appointment with the Title IX coordinator, please email or call 626-395-3132.

Caltech Center for Diversity


The mission of the Caltech Center for Diversity (CCD) is to provide policy and programming support for campus initiatives associated with student access, equity and inclusion.  The assistant director in the office also provides students with confidential support around sexual violence and harassment and other Title IX concerns.

Caltech Counseling Center for Undergraduate and Graduate Students


The mission of the Caltech Counseling Center is to promote the mental health of Caltech students in order to improve the quality of their lives and aid them in achieving academic success.  They provide confidential support around multiple issues for students.

Office of the Undergraduate Dean


The Dean of Undergraduate Students Office fosters the academic and personal growth of undergraduate students through counseling and support. It also serves as the liaison between students, faculty, and the rest of Student Affairs. Undergraduate students may seek advice and support from the undergraduate deans on Title IX issues and concerns. They may also report sexual harassment or sexual violence to any of the deans.

Office of the Graduate Dean


The Graduate Office is the coordinating office for all matters related to graduate-level studies at Caltech. Their mission is to provide services that support the personal and academic development of the graduate-student community.  Graduate students may report sexual harassment or sexual violence to one of the Graduate Deans. The Dean of Graduate Studies can address Title IX issues or concerns and can accept reports of sexual harassment or sexual violence.

Caltech Security

626-395-4701 or, if there is an emergency, 626-395-5000

Security is available to all members of the Caltech community to address suspected incidents involving Title IX violations, including sexual harassment and sexual violence. Security is also involved in preventing, investigating and responding to incidents involving Title IX and the Caltech community.